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SkyTools is a revolutionary system that allows for your styling tools to be suspended from the ceiling. This inventive system gets cords off of the floor of the work area to prevent accidents, while also supporting the weight of the tool from the ceiling, and thus making for an almost weightless tool. The reduced weight of the tools helps out any stylist with carpel tunnel by easing the strain on their hands and relieves the amount of constant holding of the tools. By having all of your styling tools suspended from the ceiling on the pulley system, the tool can be positioned anywhere for styling ease, and also helps to clear up unnecessary clutter on the work counters.

The SkyTools line consists of the SkyDry, SkySmooth, SkyCurl, and SkyClip. For an almost complete line of hair tools all suspened from almost out of the sky.

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The SkyDry® hair dryer is one of the most innovative hair dryers in the market. Suspended from the ceiling of the salon, the SkyDry® hair dryer becomes almost weightless in its pull down system.

  • 5 Speeds—more than any other non-rheostat dryer
  • 8 Temperature settings
  • Negative Ion Generator producing more than 25,000,000 negative ions/cm
  • Negative ion on/off function
  • No switches to turn—ALL DIGITAL hair dryer
  • Lighted touch-pad controls
  • “Reduced Weight” in SkyDry® Configuration
  • Far Infrared heat that dries hair from the inside out
  • Last use memory feature—dryer turns back on to last used settings

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If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to contact us at any time via the following:

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Email: info@SkyToolsintl.com

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1221 North Post Oak Road
Houston, Texas 77055

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Installation is simple by design and doesn't require an electrician to install.

  1. Attach the pulley system's mounting bracket with the four supplied screws to a beam above the ceiling.
  2. Connect the pulley system to its mounting bracket.
  3. Once mounted, find where the cord will hang down to the ceiling, and proceed to cut a hole out in the ceiling panel.
  4. Attach the supplied ceiling cup to the panel where the hole was made.
  5. Route the drop cord down through the cup, and adjust the stopper to the desired position.
  6. Plug in the pulley system.
For in-depth installation instructions, please download our SkyTools Installation Guide.

The power cord on the pulley system has an ALCI safety plug built in for added protection against power surges.

Download Installation Guide

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